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Cruise Rewards

From Carnival Cruise Rewards to the Celebrity Cruise Reward Program, and everywhere in between.

While Cruise Rewards and Cruise Loyalty Programs are not the most common type of Points to focus on, anyone who's been on a cruise can tell you: it's worth it.

If you've been on a cruise, which is your favorite?

Popular Cruise Company Reward Programs:

Carnival Cruise Rewards - VIFP Club

Princess Cruise Rewards - Captain Circle

Disney Cruise Lines - Castaway Club

Celebrity Cruises - Captains Club

Norwegian Cruise Lines - Latitudes Rewards

Royal Caribbean Cruises - MyCruiseRewards

So you'll notice that there is a unique Rewards program for each Cruise line. Not only that, but select cruise lines also have exclusive partner credit cards


One of these is the Royal Caribbean Visa Signature Card,

where for limited time you can get up to 15,000 Bonus Points if approved, just by applying now!

The Ultimate Reward Point Marketplace Blog will be covering content on Cruise Reward Programs in the near future. Stay up to date so that when you ask yourself, "What company do I want My cruise rewards from?" You'll already know the answer.

We'll also be including content about Credit Cards that accrue Cruise rewards - including the Royal Caribbean card we already mentioned.

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